Construction Management

Yucatan has many beautiful old properties with deteriorated structures.  The bones are good with many of the old colonial features: mamposteria (stone) foundations & walls, pasta style floors, beamed hardwood ceiling joists, rain cisterns, water tanks and windmills can be repaired and restored.  A moderate or complete amount of remodeling will bring new life to old structures.

We have many clients who buy old “fixer-uppers” and engage in the process of remodeling.   Our relationships with the best architects and contractors are key to making sure your project is done on time, per budget.  We manage a process that ensures your money doesn’t get wasted or lost.   The project is completed per your parameters, design and budget.

  1. Cash Management:  Instead of handing a bundle of cash to a contractor and telling them to go at it, we manage the payments per the amount of materials needed and the amount of work to be done over frequent and short periods of time (1 x per week).  
  2. Project Management:  Our inspectors will periodically inspect the construction, amount of materials used and amount of labor devoted to the project. (1 x per week or more frequent if necessary)
  3. Communication and Reporting:  We will provide you with frequent, detailed information on the project, construction process, materials used and current exchange rates. (1x per week)
  4. Materials Control:  We buy and control the distribution of materials.
  5. Money exchange:  We get the best rates through our commercial exchange account.  We will save you money.

Projects don’t have to be difficult to manage from a distance.  Too frequently we see clients lose money because contractors steal it or materials disappear.  Shabby work and poor materials are utilized.  Cement is mixed improperly.  Cheap grade wiring, cable, tubing, piping, tile, doors, screening, sealers and paint are utilized.

We ensure a safe, dependable and worry-free process.  Remodeling doesn’t have to be a brain-damaging, money-losing process.  We provide the proper management, controls, inspections, communications and cash management to ensure that the project gets done right, on time and within budget.

Finally, you won’t pay an arm & leg for our services.   We charge for our time and expenses and we will tell you up front what those will be.  No hidden fees.  No surprises.